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LibreOffice Calc online is a powerful tool for creating and editing spreadsheets.


1. Calculation Tools: LibreOffice Calc online includes a wide range of mathematical functions, including basic arithmetic, statistical, and financial functions. Users can also create complex formulas using cell references and operators.

2. Data Analysis: The app provides tools for analyzing large sets of data, such as data sorting, filtering, and pivot tables. Users can easily identify trends and patterns in their data.

3. Charts and Graphics: LibreOffice Calc online allows users to create professional-looking charts and graphs to visualize their data. Users can customize the appearance of charts by changing colors, fonts, and labels.

4. Templates: The app offers a variety of templates for different types of spreadsheets, including budgets, invoices, and loan calculators. Users can also create their own templates for future use.

5. Collaboration: LibreOffice Calc supports real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on a spreadsheet simultaneously. Users can track changes and comments made by others.

6. Compatibility: The app is compatible with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software, making it easy to import and export files in different formats.

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