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Audacity online is a free, open-source audio editing software that allows users to record, edit, and manipulate audio files. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems and offers a wide range of features for both beginners and advanced users.

Key Features:

1. Recording: Audacity online allows users to record audio from various sources, including microphones, line input, and streaming audio.

2. Editing: Users can edit audio files with various tools, such as cut, copy, paste, and delete, as well as effects like fade in/out, amplify, and noise reduction.

3. Multi-Track Editing: Audacity online supports multi-track editing, allowing users to layer multiple audio tracks together and adjust their volume, panning, and timing.

4. Effects: The software offers a variety of built-in effects, including equalization, compression, reverb, and distortion, as well as support for third-party plugins.

5. File Format Support: Audacity supports a wide range of audio file formats, including WAV, AIFF, MP3, and OGG, and can also import and export MIDI files.

6. Batch Processing: Users can apply effects and edits to multiple audio files at once through batch processing, saving time and effort.

7. Accessibility: Audacity is designed to be accessible to users with disabilities, offering keyboard shortcuts, screen reader support, and customizable interface options.

8. Support and Community: The Audacity community provides online forums, tutorials, and documentation to help users learn and troubleshoot the software.


Audacity online is a powerful and versatile audio editing app that offers a wide range of features for both novice and expert users. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive editing tools, and extensive file format support, Audacity is a valuable tool for anyone looking to create, edit, or manipulate audio files.

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